The Unforced Rhythms of Grace

If you have been following the news lately, you may have heard a lot about Climate Change and how it is affecting and will continue to affect us if we do not pay attention to it. The issue of climate change can be divisive in as far as its causes and effects are concerned.  But I am sure there are other forums in which to discuss matters physical climate. In this brief update, I would like to share with you another form of climate change that is exciting us.

At Navigators Kenya, we have been thinking a lot about another form of climate: “Climates of Grace”. Our vision talks of a vital movement of the Gospel, fuelled by prevailing prayer, flowing freely through relational networks and out into the nations. As we have sought the Lord as the leadership, we have sensed him leading us to think about the climate we want around our “movement”.

What characterizes this movement? A heart for the whole person, climates of grace, compassion for the vulnerable and broken, sacrificial unity embracing diversity, cultural relevance and sensitivity, interdependence with others in the wider family of God, transformed men and women, fragrant with humility and the aroma of Christ.

We desire to see “climates of grace” permeate our relationships as we advance the Gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom. As we make disciples, pray corporately, and as we live and disciple among the lost. Matthew 11:28-30 in The Message (MSG) brings this out very clearly for me:

“…. Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.”

Our desire in 2020 is to learn the “unforced rhythms of grace”, in our times alone with Him and in community so that He may send us into the Nations to share His love. We strongly believe that the kind of climate around our movement is critical to how we lead and fulfill our calling. A climate of grace embodies the spirit of Jesus who was “full of grace and truth” (John 1:17). It is His Gospel and His Kingdom that we advance.

To see labourers and leaders raised in our ministry, we have developed a two-pronged approach in leadership and leader development. One is investing in our current and emerging leaders so that we can have more workers for the Kingdom. The other is to recruit new labourers and leaders into our training programs. The pictures below show the two groups that we are currently working with.

Would you pray that they too will learn the “unforced rhythms of grace” so that our ministries across the country will be characterized by “climates of grace”.

Chris Amulo,  National Director Navigators Kenya.
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