In these days when the common narrative and practice is about “me at the centre”, few are the courageous who go against the tide, to live lives controlled by “Christ at the centre”. The opportunity to experience such always come with joy unspeakable, refreshing the soul with the constant reassurance that Christ is always at work. There is hope for those disciples who desire and therefore commit to dare dream of living meaningful lives in their generation. Choosing to live transformational lives only belongs to the courageous.

“You believe at last”, are words that summarize and capture the mood of that light bulb moment, when it finally sinks and now the next step seems as the next obvious thing.   

 When twelve out of thirteen trainees gathered at the summative summit at the beginning of the year, this was the mood. The twelve having been with their trainers, some for more than three years, recalled the words of the disciples, “Jesus, now you are speaking clearly and without figures of speech… This makes us believe that you came from God”.

All of them as emerging leaders and labourers of faith and courage, with increasing passion for Jesus Christ, choose to live and move among friends and families, joining the community of believers, to see workers for the Kingdom next door to everywhere! ‘You believe at last!’

 Some will be primarily Gift Income Persons while others will be Conventional Income People. All empowered to serve this cause as they live and disciple among the lost.

Pray that we will see more and more young men and women of courage and faith, crossing cultures into new cities and nations, together as team of mobile pioneers intentionally proclaim and embody the good news of Jesus Christ, in such a way that transformed communities multiply.

You believe at last! 

John 16:31

Read more on the twelve trainees who completed their training during the 2021 Summative Summit here:

Download this Summative summit report as PDF here:

Tom & Emma Owuor
Navigators Kenya National Training Coordinator

2 thoughts on “SUMMATIVE SUMMIT 2021”

  1. We thank God for you and the good work He is doing through you. He is at work in your lives. Keep serving. We are blessed to be part of this noble work.

  2. This is absolutely amazing Tom and Emma! It gives me joy to see more labourors sent to His harvest field as He pleases. More grace to you as you continue to serve.

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