I pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Disaster Management and International Diplomacy at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology. I first met the Navigators while in first year in 2014 when I was invited for a Saturday Bible Study by a high school friend: Wycliffe Omondi.

As I interacted with the Navigators, I got exposed to the Bible through which I learnt who God really is, what it means to be saved and why I should Read the Bible, Pray, Fellowship and Witness. In the process I got people who walked with me to ensure that I was growing.

I met friends who were not only concerned about my spiritual growth but also my social growth, financial well-being and even my academic progress; people who have always been there for me.

I thank God that my convictions have been founded and affirmed and I know that staff Training will provide me with the best platform through which I will be equipped with ministry skills that will enable me to walk with (disciple) other young ladies and see them grow in their walk with Christ. My desire is that I may grow even more in my walk with the Lord and am looking forward to what He has in restore for me.

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