Shirleen & Duncan Mburu

As a devoted Roman Catholic Christian, when I joined Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology to pursue my bachelor’s degree in Disaster Management and International Diplomacy, I believed that being a ‘good’ girl and excelling academically was all that mattered. I recall judging and avoiding many girls around me, thinking they were sinful and lost compared to me.

In 2014, during my second year of study, I met the Navigators and started attending their Bible studies. It was then that I realized I had a flawed understanding of God’s love and how my relationship with Him should be. Instead of relying on my good deeds to make things right with God, I learned from Ephesians 2:8-9 and Titus 3:5 that the truth is about grace and mercy, and salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. Understanding the work and person of Jesus Christ assured me of God’s unfailing love, which I continually marvel over in Romans 5:6-11. By putting my faith in Jesus (John 1:11-12), I understood my place in His Kingdom, which was both inviting and enticing, especially since I had never experienced a father’s love growing up. As a result, I gave my life to Christ in July 2015.

My name is Shirleen Moraa Mburu, and I have been married to my loving husband, Duncan Mburu, for the last one and a half years. We met in 2014 through the Navigators Bible study when he was leading the group in MMUST. In 2018, I joined staff training (DMLT) to learn how to bear fruits that will last according to God’s command to me in John 15:16. Duncan also joined DMLT in 2019 after completing his engineering course. We were both trained and discipled while working among the students in the Technical University of Mombasa by Faith and Mweri Nganje, our very good friends.

As a contact staff and supporting staff, respectively, we continued to lead Bible studies and disciple students from TUM for four years after our two years of training. Over the past six years, we have seen the Gospel transform the lives of many students, some of whom are currently leading Bible studies and other discipleship programs in TUM.

Our ministry and family values are based on John 14:23, 15:12, and 1st John 4:19 (Love for God, love for each other, and love for everyone). As we continue to follow and grow into Christlikeness, we aspire to create a home whose atmosphere is filled with grace and genuine love experienced by everyone who enters it.

In this era defined by lovelessness, identity crisis, mental health problems, and broken relationships, my heart beats for the ladies who are or might be victims to this. As a Counselling Psychologist who is a disciple of Christ, I desire to holistically show love and walk alongside these ladies with the aim of communicating the Good News about God’s love for them, found in Christ Jesus. My husband has a passion to see the Gospel clarified both to the young men around him and in churches through empowering and equipping pastors. Together, we desire fruitfulness characterized by transformation and restoration of the people in our lives.

We relocated to Nairobi in November 2023 due to Dun’s job with The Timothy Initiative (TTI). I look forward to joining the Navigators team in Nairobi in any capacity the Lord will have me do.

Please pray for us to continue in God’s will and purposes for us.

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