Author (s) : Robert Lewis and William Hendricks

Rocking the Roles examines what the Bible really has to say about the male and female roles. A far cry from the restrictions of the traditional marriage or the formlessness of the modern marriage, this approach offers a perfect blend of structure and equality, balance and beauty. It explores:

  • Common myths and misunderstandings about marriage roles
  • “Core” roles that don’t limit choices but help prioritize commitments, energy and time
  • What husbands and wives most need to understand about each other
  • What the “S” word – submission- is and is not
  • Spritual leadership as practical responsibility, not privileged rank
  • How to transform your marriage by applying these practical,biblical principles in day-to-day life

So if you want a marriage in which fairness, justice, respect, and support operate equally between you and your partner, it’s time for Rocking the Roles -and discovering God’s radical, inspired, and timeless design for a lasting marriage.





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