Love and Marriage & Questions Young People Ask


Author (s) : BruceĀ  & Carol Britten

The aim of this book is to show young people what a beautiful plan God has for marriage. The authors have pointed out that the first step in God’s plan is avoiding sex before marriage. Among the topics that they have covered are:

  • I love her.My heart explodes.
  • How can we see if our love is true?
  • I desire to touch her everywhere
  • He said, “God told me to marry you.”
  • If he asks for sex, what can I say?
  • I found my boyfriend kissing her
  • Can I be forgiven for my sex sins?
  • I hated to kill my own baby
  • My brother has AIDS
  • I love her but she has a child
  • My wife quarrels with my mother
  • Daily we argue about money

A very good book for young people and those that work with the youth.




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