Moving with peace and truth in a hostile world.

It happens over and over again. A political argument with a friend, a fight about racial issues on the internet, a disagreement with a coworker – at the first sight of conflict, we flee to a bunker with people who think like us…and we attack everyone else. We feel safe there, but it’s killing us: killing families, friendships, civility and discourse.

Our fractured world desperately needs a different way: people who will speak gently, value truth, and think clearly. Dancing in No Mans’s Land is a rallying cry, a life-giving and practical journey into the way of Jesus that will revolutionize how you view conflict. You can choose to speak both truth and peace in the midst of war. You can step out of your bunker and into no man’s land, where only brave souls tread. It may look like you’re dodging cultural land mines. But you might just be learning how to dance.

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