Philip & Bernadette Nekunda

It excites me (Philip) to be part of God’s Big story. Being born and raised up in a Christian setting, going to church was part of what I did and enjoyed. I loved listening to sermons and attending church activities but I never had a relationship with the One the preached about (Jesus).

I later met Christ through these very sermons. I came to the realization that I had been making salvation decisions on various occasions but I lacked the assurance of my salvation. I thank God for the people who diligently helped and faithfully journeyed with me in this Faith.

There are many like me in the church whom the Lord is calling into a relationship with Him. He so desires that they may be rooted and established in their walk Colossians 2:6-7. As we serve with the Navigators Kenya, we come alongside such people through The Church Discipleship Ministry, not only in our local church but to many other churches as the Lord opens doors for us to serve. We seek to grow Intentional Disciple Making-Cultures in Churches as the Gospel of Jesus Advances.

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