Paul Muhati

Paul Muhati

My journey with the Lord started in the year 2003 just after my Primary School exams. Two years later I started sharing with others what the Lord had been doing in my life and I have not stopped to date.

I met the Navigators through Mr. Geoffrey Washiali in August of 2016 at a place called Moi’s Bridge, near Kitale, in Western Kenya. He was conducting a training with some of the youth in a church.

I had been involved with a church for four years, attempting to do the same thing (discipleship) but with a lot of difficulties. When he asked me to join him for discipleship I accepted gladly.

Currently I am on staff training with the Navigators. Being able to see change in the life of a young man, growing to be well equipped for ministry is my desire. I am passionate for discipleship John 8:31-32 being my drive:  for they will know the truth and the truth will set them free.

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