Paul & Lucy Mumo

In 2016, when I was still a third-year student at the University of Nairobi, God was so gracious that I met The Navigators! God used them in an immeasurable way to transform my life in a way that I had never imagined. They helped me grow in knowing Christ personally. I was discipled to grow in my identity in Christ and my faith. I was guided and mentored through my life on campus, leading me to make informed and responsible godly decisions.

This led me to want to be a part of the people who avail themselves to walk alongside campus students, leading them to commit themselves to Christ just as someone availed themselves to me. After my four years on campus, I joined the DMLT (Disciple Maker Leader Training Program), which equipped me to be competent as a leader.

Presently, I serve on staff with The Navigators at Kenya Science Campus (University of Nairobi) and Satellite Secondary School, with my wife Lucy alongside me. Our vision is to inspire and help campus and high school students grow spiritually and emotionally by inviting them to nurture an intimate relationship with Christ and form godly values as they navigate through the challenges of this life stage and life afterward. A relationship with Christ that is going to transform them from the inside out and experience the transforming power of the gospel in all aspects of their lives. We aspire to guide them to a level of maturity where they, in turn, become instruments of help and transformation wherever the Lord calls them.

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