Orality / Rural Majority Ministry

The Orality/Rural Majority ministry focuses on raising up life long laborers and leaders who will advance the Kingdom of Jesus Christ by living and discipling among the lost.

The target of this ministry is the majority of Kenyans living in the rural areas, such as farmers and pastoralists, and falls under the strategic initiative of New Frontiers, in The Kenya Navigator’s 10 year strategic plan. Most of this target group are by and large classified as oral learners; those who learn best by using non text based methods, and many whose primary or heart language is neither Swahili or English.

The methodologies of discipleship include audio presentations of God’s Word through various means; such reading aloud, pre recorded and memorized passages of scripture.Orality strategies can also include the use of pictures, songs, skits, and role plays. Our goal is to communicate the Gospel in a way in which the message is being clearly presented and understood by the listener, which often requires the messenger to engage with and understand the local language and culture. Colossians 4:4

That said, our hope lies not in our methods but that ultimately through the empowering work of the Holy Spirit men and women will be brought to salvation found in Christ alone, as we partner with Him in proclaiming God’s good news to all peoples.

Many of the discipleship materials available in Nairobi and other large cities are often inaccessible to the rural majority due to linguistic, logistical, economic, educational, and sometime religious barriers. We seek to develop a strategy and methods which enable the disciple to engage directly and deeply with scripture itself. Presently we are using chronological Biblical studies to evangelize and establish new believers, along with developing methods which aid the disciple in life long study of, and the ability to correctly handle, the Word of God. As we study the Word of God together we address the whole of life, including the physical issues which are often overwhelming in the rural areas. We learn how God’s Word address these issues and how they are linked to spiritual realities. It is through the transformed lives of disciples, spreading the Gospel through relational networks that the discipleship ministry of The Navigators will take root and flourish throughout the rural majority of Kenya, in places where the Gospel has not yet been heard.

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