Open doors…open homes…these are distinctives of the Navigator work in Kenya, and around the world I presume!

I remember fondly when I encountered the Navigators in Mombasa, 15 years ago, I experienced an open-door policy with the Nav family that was there then.  During my training years in Nairobi and Nigeria, I experienced the same open-door policy with the Nav families that were involved with my training.

Needless to say, this is how we have patterned our ministry in Mombasa…Open doors…open homes…

Now, these phrases ‘open doors’ ‘open homes’ are becoming rare, and even punishable by law, in these COVID-19 Days! As I reflect on our new normal of ‘shut doors’, interestingly, God has been busy opening doors…

Before the Government placed stricter measures, God opened the door for the focus* team to visit several focus families and give a small food donation!  Only HE could grant us such an open door!

Another of our team members, who has been coaching some focus high schoolers in Chemistry during the normal school term, got an impromptu visit from the students during Easter- they live in the same neighborhood.

What an opportune time to give the reason for the hope that we have in Issa al Masih!

They had rich times of discussion, from Ramadhan to the Cross! Only God could have opened that door.

Be on the lookout for the doors that only HE can open. It could be a phone conversation, a text message, a whatsApp chat, a need-based call…

Let’s trust Him to not only open doors but open hearts as well!

“My Father is always at his work, and I too am working”

-Issa al Masih

Mweri & Faith Nganje,

Area Leader,

Navigators Ministry Mombasa.


Focus is a reference to cross-cultural work /peoples of other faiths*

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