Naftali & Mary Oswago

Many called to ministry see ministry activities (prayer, evangelism, Bible study…) as spiritual but fundraising as a necessary evil, yet fundraising brings the resources needed to do those very same ‘spiritual’ ministry activities! Mary and I are passionate about helping gospel workers (especially new staff) develop Biblical convictions about the spirituality of fundraising and gain practical skills to invite financial ministry partners to join them and together pursue the vision and calling from God.

  • Naftali Odhiambo Oswago. Married to Mary (since 2009) and blessed with three children; David, Joshua and Elisheba.
  • Came to faith in Christ in my second year of high-school (1995) and met The Navigators the same year.
  • The Navigators helped me grow in my faith through high school and college. I wanted to help others the same way I was helped.
  • Came on staff with the Navigators in 2004 as a staff trainee.
  • We led The University of Nairobi (UON) ministry as Campus directors 2009 to 2013
  • We are still part of the volunteer staff team at UON mainly focusing on coaching the younger staff with little involvement with students.
  • Our primarily assignment is funding coaches.
  • Mary and I are excited about launching new staff into ministry. Inspiring in them hope, courage and success as they start out in recruiting financial ministry partners they need and together pursue the calling of God in their lives.
  • We also serve the collegiate work in overseeing cross-cultural partnerships between Kenya Navigators and US Navigators. We see ourselves as catalysts for the formation of new partnerships as we oversee the cultivation and development of existing partnerships.
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