Carriers of the gospel into the marketplace… Where they WORK, live and play!

To come alongside graduates from our student ministries and beyond to help them manage the transition from student life to the working world.

Help young professionals grow into being carriers of the gospel of Jesus Christ into the marketplace (Where they work,live and play).

Main Focus Areas

Excellence at Work

Most people in the world will spend the bulk of their adult life at the workplace, therefore; motivated by such examples like the biblical Daniel,(Daniel 6:3-5) we train and encourage the young professionals to pursue a good work ethic, integrity and high standards in their chosen vocation and calling as an act of worship to their God. (Colossians 3:23) This is especially needed in a society where corruption, laziness, and inefficiency are tolerated and even embraced. We believe that work has intrinsic value to God because he created it. As the young professional pursues excellence in their workplaces they not only bring glory to God by the quality of their work, they influence and challenge their work mates to higher standards and productivity, the quality of their lives becomes a powerful witness and “door opener” to faith conversations as their workmates would seek to know what makes their lives the way they are, which is “Christ in them the hope of Glory”

Growing in Community

It is difficult to keep on the growth path and make a difference alone, we believe that God has designed that growth and impact happen best in the context of a community of believers. We, therefore, encourage the formation of small groups of young professionals who preferably live in relatively close proximity to each other. We connect our fresh graduates with existing groups near them or help the form a team with like-minded peers. These groups become a place of fellowship, mutual support, learning together, Scripture engagement and outreach initiatives. Under the national Faith and the City leadership team, Faith & City is organized in small groups of graduates in the different towns. In Nairobi, we have groups forming around the major highways of the city i.e. Ngong road, Thika road, Mombasa road, Limuru road, Langata road and Waiyaki way. We also have groups that have been formed by Navs ministry Alumni of certain Universities.

Upcoming New Initiatives

a) Generations Connect – One of the needs of our graduates and Young professionals is mentoring input. There are tens of older Nav trained individuals already in the marketplace in Kenya, we are working to band together a bank of mentors who are available to connect with and walk alongside the younger professionals entering the working world in a way that the older generation is continually investing in and passing on the baton to the succeeding younger generation in advancing the gospel in the marketplace.

b) Salt & Light Mandate – Motivated by Matthew 5:13-16, we are keen to train and support our graduates to deliberately engage and exert a godly influence where they work, live and play. We will band the young professionals together to formulate gospel responses to societal issues like tribalism, corruption, injustice, poverty, youth unemployment, immorality, public & corporate governance, Public policy, education, environment, neighborhood challenges and the like.

These are gatherings organized once or twice every year around certain themes relevant to young professionals.

These are annual extended meetings over a weekend with speakers, worship, workshops and fun times at a chosen location.

The F&C small groups are encouraged to meet either once per month or fortnightly as they deem fit. The main purpose of these meetings is to study and grow together in the 4 critical areas of F&C i.e. i) Pursuing vibrant walk with God. ii) Excellence at work. iii) Evangelism to peers. iv) Growing in community. The small groups are to identify two leaders for the group supported by the local Navigators ministry leadership in the area.

F&C is affiliated to the wider Navs Africa marketplace ministry community. We therefore network, learn from and participate in their biannual conferences hosted in different venues in Africa. These conferences are open to all F&C members.

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