Faith & Kevin Shikuku

Faith and Kevin serve with the Navigators in Eldoret.

Faith's Testimony

I graduated from Kenyatta University with a Bachelors degree in Economics (major) and Sociology (minor). I met the Navigators through a friend from high school while in first year. She invited me for a Bible study and I loved it. I was so excited to know that there was a way I could read the Bible with an aim of learning not just for the sake of it. I was also excited to know that God desires a relationship with me and that I can enjoy His company too. I desired to grow spiritually.

I met wonderful people in the fellowship, had a very lovely time and learned more about God’s love. In as much as this sounds great I still did not fully understand and grasp having an identity in Christ. Ideally this seems so obvious for a person who has been attending Bible studies, having quiet time with God and praying. This is one of the reasons why I came on training; to be equipped, to learn more and also to share the love of Christ Jesus with others.

I have seen how this discipleship program has transformed the lives of people, some are my close friends. I am more than excited and grateful for this wonderful opportunity.

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