The Economic Projects Transformational Facility [EPTF] was founded by The Navigators Kenya with the objective of spurring enterprise development as a panacea to the high rates of unemployment among the youths and the ensuing poverty. EPTF takes a comprehensive and integrative approach to promoting entrepreneurship development and has adopted an approach that involves Biblical approach in training, mentoring and providing business development support services [BDSS]. EPTF seeks to restore the dignity and value of every person through Economic Empowerment.

EPTF’s Enterprise Development Program addresses unemployment and poverty by supporting the creation and expansion of business enterprises. The EDP model entails:


Our training model is founded on:-

Integrated training covering both entrepreneurial and technical skills

Business mentoring and follow-up

A practical approach through project visits, work based activities and facilitation by practicing business people and professionals

Business networking forums

Promotion of ethical business practices through the use of Biblical approaches


EPTF seeks to link at least 40% of its entrepreneurship trainees with experienced business and professional persons in formal mentoring and coaching relationships that will contribute to their development and that of their businesses.Our mentoring approach focuses on business, personal and spiritual development of the entrepreneur.

Business Clubs

In order to strengthen our follow up services, EPTF has established tailor made business clubs within the regions we work in. We bring together our Alumni in various forums to keep abreast with their businesses and assist them overcome various challenges. The club is also open to entrepreneurs in need of business development support services. We are interested in your business growth!

Technical skills

We facilitate the youth and women entrepreneurs with acquisition of relevant trade/technical skills that will enable them succeed in their business ventures as well as transition into the labor market productively.
At the end of the Enterprise Development Program, the entrepreneur becomes an agent of community transformation.
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