My name is Chris Amulo. I am a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. My Journey to the faith started early on when I was a young boy but got a boost in my final year of High School through the influence of my Chemistry and Mathematics teacher.

I committed my life to Christ in November of 1990, in Hall 3 of the University of Nairobi, where I trained as a Veterinary Doctor. I have a strong bias towards leadership and Leader development; currently I am finalizing my MA in Global Leadership in Intercultural Contexts at Redcliffe College, United Kingdom.

I was discipled by the Navigators during my 5 year study at the University and later joined Navigators Staff Training in September 1997.

I have served with The Navigators Kenya in various capacities: As a Nav Staff in Machakos for about 10 years, as National Students Ministry leader, Training Coordinator and the point person for Leader Development for Navigators Kenya.

I am currently serving by the grace of God as the National Director of the Navigators kenya.

My wife Anne and daughters Rebekah and Rehema have been my greatest gift and instrumental in my service.

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