If the Spirit of God himself truly lives in us born-again believers, shouldn’t our impact in this world be tremendous? These are the thoughts of Founder and Director of New Dawn Educational Centre, Irene Tongoi. “We, the Church, are barely … Read the rest


Last year saw many joys and some challenges in my ministry. Having been involved in the high school ministry for the past 10 years and actively discipling a few young ladies, I can testify that while our la­bour in the … Read the rest

Save a child; Save the world

In these days when the winds of influence blow contrary to the principles of the Bible, how do believers keep sailing in the right direction? How do we influence others to sail towards godliness? American author and poet, Ella Wheeler … Read the rest

Good works can’t save you

Going to church is one of the good habits many of us have developed. I recently met three young men, Duncan, Daniel and Charles, on their way home from a church service. I asked for some of their time. Since … Read the rest

Cross-cultural missionaries

Mercy and I never saw ourselves as pioneer cross-cultural missionaries back when we were pursuing our university studies. We both arrived in Cape Town South Africa in different years as fresh-faced, happy-go-lucky Kenyan youth. We were simply keen on completing … Read the rest

Inside-out Change

Years ago, a wise man told us that culture is what we see happening on the outside, because of one’s beliefs on the inside. We can try all sorts of methods to get people to change on the outside. But … Read the rest

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