The world at the moment is in the grip of a pandemic unknown to mankind.

This pandemic, COVID-19, is touching all and sundry (the rich and the poor), every country; developed and underdeveloped, it currently has no known cure and it is spreading fast!

It has led to shutdowns in major economies of the world and has arrived on the continent of Africa- a resource and health challenged continent.

Governments have asked people to stay home, wash their hands regularly, socially distance themselves from others, other than immediate family members and seek medical help when they sense symptoms of the infection (fever, headaches and dry cough among others).

These are difficult times for the Body of Christ. I do believe God calls us as His people to respond to this pandemic, together as a body.

Our main weapon is PRAYER- even as we adhere to guidelines laid down by the government and health practitioners.

As we do this, I am reminded of the fact that many of our people in Kenya and across the continent, live from hand-to-mouth, with no savings or any form of financial safety net. This quarantine or lockdown is going to hit hardest the poor and vulnerable in our society.

Pray  that we will not go into fear and panic.

Ask God to give us words of hope and encouragement as we provide pastoral care for those He brings our way.

Ask God to make us a people of hope. A people with an eternal perspective who point people to Jesus and His Word.

Pray that the enemy will not use this pandemic to sow a false gospel through “prophecies and words of knowledge” that may not be scriptural.

Let us be those who will bring faith, courage and hope.

And pray for those for whom social distancing will mean no means of livelihood.

My personal prayer during this time is – As God fed and provided for Elijah through circumstances unimagined, May He provide for all who have no savings nor reserves to turn to (1 Kings 17:5-7, 9-14 NIVUK).

May God give us a heart for the whole person, climates of grace, compassion for the vulnerable and broken during these times. And let us stay alert for opportunities to point people to the Miracle Worker, Jesus of Nazareth.

Chris Amulo,  National Director , Navigators Kenya.
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